About Us

Who We Are

Disabled Persons Community Resources (DPCR), founded in 1957, is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the independence, participation and integration of people with physical disabilities in the Ottawa area.

Through the delivery of our programs and services…we envision a dynamic, inclusive and accessible community in which people with disabilities are able to exercise the same rights, choices and responsibilities as all other Canadians.

DPCR takes a leadership role in the identification of unmet needs and gaps in service. We are an integral part of a community network, which addresses the promotion of social change and the prevention of social problems.

Core Values

DPCR believes that people with disabilities:

  • Hold the same rights, choices and responsibilities as all other Canadians.
  • Have the right to direct their own lives and make their own decisions.
  • Have the right to be centrally involved in the decision making processes that affect their lives.
  • Must be guaranteed equal benefit and protection of the law and their freedom from discrimination based on physical or mental disability under The Charter of Rights and Freedoms fully respected.


To provide information about community resources and specialized programs and services;

To identify unmet needs and gaps in service and advocate for programs to meet those needs

To encourage the public and decision makers to become informed about the issues and needs of people with physical disabilities

To promote the improvement of the accessibility of buildings, facilities and services

To provide attendant care services in community residential environments

To offer leadership in mobilizing the community to develop and implement community solutions


Mailing address: 613-724-5886

1150 Morrison Drive Suite 100

Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8S9


Contact Email: info.dpcr@on.aibn.com.