Traffic Accidents

Before we even get started, if you are involved in a Toronto road accident (please remember that whether you receive a Toronto traffic ticket or not doesn’t matter in most cases) then you should refer to the Ministry of Ontario’s 6 part accident checklist for appropriate steps to take next.

When last analyzed in 2016 it was determined that 2,502 road accidents resulted in disabilities with patients admitted in three separate years to an Accident Hospital have been analyzed. Of course we have to remember the different levels of disability were not closely correlated with Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) or with treatment periods but useful threshold values are described which separate groups with high and low rates of disability. That being said, for some levels of injury, disabilities were less severe among young casualties. If you compare this with other studies show rather wide variations in estimates of the incidence of slight disabilities.

On this page you will find a variety of resources and links related to injuries or potential injury causes by road accidents. We will try to keep this as updated as possible as new information is made available.

Last updated: August 16, 2018